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Raffles Education Group provides a number of services and resources to you during your studies. Many of these support will be available through the Internet as well as our in-house intranet. The Student Portal provides a simple, friendly interface to make it easier for you to access various resources needed during your studies. It is the 'electronic' equivalent of a campus, allowing the student to use many of the services either from the computer labs on campus, from work or from the comfort of your own home.

This application comes bundled with handful of goodies, i.e. Students will have an opportunity to check their exam result online at a click of a button. Apart than then, students will also be able to view and print their fees statement online.

All you need is a piece of computer or a laptop with active internet connection. This application is desinged to be accessible from various Operating systems, i.e. Windows, Linux, Apple Macintosh. As a student, you will be able to access this application from any part of the world as long as you are connected to the internet. That's all it takes to access this apllication online.

On the other hand, as this is a web based application, there is no limitations on the internet browsers. This application has been tested against Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Mozilla Firefox 32 and it is performing perfectly under those browsers.

As an addition, this online application comes with 100% zero configuration. Students will just have to get connected to the internet and start using this online application without any further configuration.

This question provides it's own asnwer. Obviously the answer is Olympia College students. By accesing and using this application, students can keep themselves updated with the latest events and happenings both in campus as well as off the campus. Students will also have an opprtunity to interact with the centre CRO at anytime for various reasons in regards of their courses.

Every student of Olympia College, this is the best answer for this question. Parents will also be able to access this application from home or office to view their child's exam result.

This portal you are accessing is version 3.1, release DEC/2014